What’s in My Aldi Cart? Ad Week 2/12-18/20


Slightly more expensive shop than usual. My husband wanted to make something fun for Valentine’s Day dinner so I took advantage of the holiday specials.

  • 2 grass-fed strip steaks ($13.57) I don’t think I’ve bought steak at Aldi before but I generally like their beef so I have high hopes.
  • Jumbo scallops ($9.99) I’ve bought these before and they are always good. This time the bag isn’t vacuum sealed like it’s been in the past but the scallops look the same.
  • 3 bags of spinach ($1.19) and some half and half (1.55/quart) to make creamed spinach
  • Brick cream cheese (65¢) is such a deal at Aldi! It was $2.99 at Safeway last I looked. My mom wants me to make a red velvet cake for her and my dad’s anniversary this weekend. Fingers crossed she’s out of the hospital and up for it! I also picked up some vanilla ($3.65).
  • Some easy stuff for dinners–raw peeled frozen shrimp ($5.49),  new-to-me shrimp and crab ravioli (frozen, 20oz $3.99) and pesto ($2.19).
  • The return of cara cara oranges ($2.99)
  • Haribo (95¢) and those cocoa dusted truffles I resisted at Christmas time ($2.99)
  • Belgian chocolate chunks ($2.49). Haven’t seen these before! They had dark chocolate and semi sweet.

$95.24 for 32 items for an average of $2.97 an item. Not bad for a shop where I had so many bigger ticket items. Not too many vegetables but I have a lot here at home already.


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