What’s in My Aldi Cart? Ad Week 1/29-2/4/20


Just squeaking in on this ad! I didn’t need an Aldi shop last week (I was trying to use up some ingredients I already had) and I knew I’d be right near this Aldi helping my dad with something so I held off.

  • The raw, peeled, deveined shrimp is still available. ($5.59/12 oz) I wish it came in 1 lb bags–I’d happily pay a little more–and that it wasn’t a “seasonal” item. It really is such a short cut. I don’ t think frozen cooked shrimp is very tasty but  I also don’t like (or have time) to peel the shrimp.
  • More chili sauce ($1.29) because it is so much cheaper than Heinz and, again, it’s a seasonal item for some reason.
  • You can’t beat a pound of ground chicken for $2.99/lb. You do have to work a bit to flavor it but it is a lighter alternative to beef and the expiration dates are generally really good. I think these are “best by” 2/14.
  • Trying out the fresh (refrigerated) salsa. $1.99. I had to get medium, I prefer hot but I haven’t seen that in quite a while.
  • Someone who follows this blog on Instagram suggested I get the party-sized “Pueblo Lindo” restaurant-style tortilla chips. I actually did pick up a bag a week or so ago and they were really good! Sturdy yet not too thick. I bought a second bag ($2.99) because I don’t think they are a regular item and they had an expiration date way in July 2020. I think we can get to them before then!
  • Long grain and wild rice ($1.69) I normally don’t get too much in the way of boxed mixes but these are pretty tasty. I’ve been getting the plain ones and seasoning them myself. The addition of the wild rice makes them more filling but they do take about 25 minutes to make.

Total: $74.43 for 31 items for an average of $2.40 an item which is on the low side. There was a couple of other things I was looking for (I had a hot tip on a jarred salsa) that I couldn’t find but this plus what I already had on hand will hopefully get me through the week!



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