What’s in My Aldi Cart? Ad Week 12/4-10/19


An unexpected weekend shop! I actually haven’t done a full week’s grocery shop since 11/22 if you can believe it. I did pick up some soda, bread, herbs, Costco chicken and a couple vegetables elsewhere in the meantime but no real weekly shopping! We cooked nearly every dinner and didn’t buy lunch any weekday during that time too. We were right near this Aldi and needed mushrooms for tonight so I thought I’d might as well pick up some other odds and ends.

Hopefully I won’t have to shop again until maybe Friday. The stores are so nuts this time of year.

  • $3.99 cheddar called “Whiskey Business”. Who can resist that?
  • I actually have a lot of Russet potatoes left from my last but I wanted some baby yellow potatoes ($2.99/2 lbs?) for tomorrow night’s dinner.
  • Long grain rice mix ($1.49) these are pretty good! I like wild rice and it’s easier and tiny bit quicker than making the pilaf myself. I normally get the plain box and doctor it up. My major complaint is that there are only 3 servings in the box which is a little odd. Four would be so much easier. It’s really too much just to divide in two but then there is only a little bit left, not enough for two more meals.
  • A face, hand and foot mask set for $4.99. I think I will review this soon! Our hands are really dry so I’m intrigued by the idea of a hand mask. It’s a cute “coffee house” theme and the masks are turmeric latte, matcha latte and vanilla chai latte scented.
  • 2 lbs of kiwifruit for $2.49. The fruit situation is grim this time of year and we are almost out of the apples we picked in October.
  • Can’t beat a giant can of crushed tomatoes for 79¢ or 15-oz cans of fire-roasted diced for 89¢.
  • Brussels sprouts were a surprisingly high $2.95/lb but there aren’t a lot of veggie choices this time of year.
  • Eggplant looked especially good (it can really be shaped oddly at Aldi, I’ve found) so picked some up at $1.39/lb.
  • Baking chips! Peanut butter chips are only available this time of year so I bought some of them and some butterscotch and chocolate chips too (about $1.69/12 oz depending on flavor)
  • Fake shredded mini wheats for $1.39 a box really can’t be beat.
  • Trying out the brioche “baguette”. A little pricy at $3.49 but I’ve found bread prices to be crazy high everywhere! I need to break out my bread machine again.


For some reason, the machine wasn’t able to read our chip so it took a few tries using the same card to pay. I’ve noticed that at a few Aldis. It’s odd.

56.69 for 21 items so $2.69 average per item. Not too bad! A bit high for a shop with little meat and as I write this I realize I forget to buy stock but we bought beauty products and baking supplies.


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