What’s in My Aldi Cart? Ad Week 10/23-29/19


Unexpected Aldi trip today! I had to help my parents out with something very early this morning so I decided to get to Aldi when they opened vs driving home in rush hour.  I didn’t have bags with me (just an insulated soft cooler) so that was a bit of an adventure getting home. I’m not sure what is going on this weekend so I picked up more meat/fish than usual to have on hand. It all had really great expiration dates!

    • A fiddle leaf fig for $12.99 is an amazing deal. The lowest I’ve seen them at this size is $40. So if you want a hipster houseplant (or a snake plant which was also on sale) head to Aldi ASAP!
    • $4.99 dog sweater. Our pughuahua loves sweaters. She saw me lift this out of the bag, still on the cardboard, and jumped up on the sofa so she was at hip height to me and was sticking her neck out so I could put in on her easily. What a nerd.
    • Boring canned goods (49¢, $1.59) to replace the beans I used making chili last week and the tomatoes I used in this Brunswick Stew recipe
    • Alaskan Sockeye Salmon ($9.99/lb) I don’t really like Atlantic salmon so I was excited to see this. The use-by date is freakishly far off! I think I will make it a day when we don’t need leftovers for lunches.
    • Jalapenos were only 69¢ for about 10 peppers? Not sure what I am going to do with them but they looked good.
    • $2.79/8 oz chopped walnuts. You really can’t beat Aldi’s prices on nuts. I need them to make a pasta dish in the future so I picked them up preemptively.
    • Ground chicken seems to be back ($2.89/lb) which I havent seen in a few weeks. I don’t know if it is back just at this location or what, I have been doing to a different store lately.
    • $1.49 coleslaw mix. It’s really just shredded cabbage with carrots. Cheaper than shredding a cabbage myself.
    • Spanish (pimento-stuffed) olives for 79¢.
    • Lots of potatoes ($3.29 for baking potatoes and $2.99 for baby Yukon golds) for various recipes.
    • Iceberg lettuce that I felt like I wanted for some reason but I really don’t know why. $1.49/head.


I spent a bit more than usual this week but I did get a pet sweater and a plant for about $18 of the total and a fair amount of meat and pricy fish. $95.39 for 29 items so 3.28/item. Not too crazy!


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  1. Lulu’s not a nerd, she’s a VSCO girl. She wishes Delia’s was still at the mall and everything came in her size.

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    1. Rachel Rappaport says:

      I sort of feel the same way.


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