What’s In my Cart? Aldi Ad Week 10/9-15/19


Sneaking this one in under the wire! Normally I would wait until tomorrow or later in the week to shop from the new ad but tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and I have plans on Thursday and Friday.

  • Shishito peppers! ($1.99) I have never seen these at Aldi before. I don’t have plans for them but saw them and snatched them in. While in line, an older lady noticed them and was very excited to see them! She said she has bought them before but they were hard to find. She was delighted Aldi had them and how cheap they were.
  • Black Angus bottom round ($2.99/lb). I actually had a sirloin roast in my cart but right as I was headed to check out I checked the sell-by date and it was 9/28/19! I went back and all of the roasts were that same date. I told a clerk who pulled them all and thanked me several times. Oy! I’m glad I checked. I know they had been a Aldi Find a few weeks ago but meat in those types of vacuum-sealed packages often have really far off expiration date so I didn’t think much of it.
  • Boneless, skinless chicken thighs ($2.49/lb) I think I’m going to make pulled chicken with it Friday to serve on those brioche rolls ($2.99)
  • Happy Farms Greek Protein Cream Cheese Spread ($1.99) must be a dupe/rebrand for the Franklin Foods version I’ve seen at the regular grocery store. I’ve seen the whipped version before but this was more like regular cream cheese, which I prefer.
  • Chili Sauce and Cocktail sauce (1.49/each, they are on the shelf in the same box) are back! I don’t understand why this is a seasonal item at all. I like the chili sauce in pulled chicken/pork and in recipes that would normally call for ketchup, which I hate.
  • Slow Cooker liners ($1.49) Normally I don’t use these because I think it is wasteful but I know I am using my slow cooker at least twice this week back to back and I won’t have time to really soak it the way my insert seems to require.
  • Canned beans (49¢) can you really beat that? Sometimes I feel like I should be the kind of person who uses dried beans but I’m really not.
  • Peanuts are only $1.89 at Aldi. I bought some to go with candy corn!
  • Beautiful eggplant at $1.39/lb

Total: $55.13 for 27 items for an average of $2.04 an item! Much lower than average. I didn’t buy much meat and was mostly supplementing what I had already at home in this shop.



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  1. The only beans I buy dried instead of canned are lentils, mung beans, and split peas. I have never had luck with soaking larger beans. No matter how long I soak, they never become toothsome and tender like canned beans.

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  2. Rachel Rappaport says:

    Same! I’ve never had great success with dried beans. They’ve been fine but not as tender as I’d like. The beans at Aldi are so cheap, the savings of using dried is negligible.

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