What’s in My Aldi Cart? Ad Week 10/2-8/19



Today’s shop ended up being a bit more expensive than I expected but I don’t quite know why. I didn’t get much meat which is normally the big-ticket item. I even put back some ground beef when I got to the register because I realized the package was open (ew!) and the line was so long, I couldn’t really get out and get a different package. I think it was a new employee working the register because I haven’t seen him before and he was kind of slow. He also made a few mistakes ringing up my items.

  • I wasn’t planning on getting a pillow ($6.99) but my pillow(s) have been super flat lately and driving me nuts at night. I saw the huge box right when I walked in the door and it said “never flat” so why not?
  • I have dinner ennui, they still don’t seem to have ground chicken in stock so I ended up getting some frozen shrimp. They also didn’t have raw, peeled shrimp which was annoying so I had to get the “EZ peel” kind instead. $4.99 for 12 oz.
  • The spaghetti squash I bought last week went bad in like 2 days. I’m trying again this week. My potatoes from last week sprouted a lot of eyes quickly too. I wasn’t very happy about that either–I had to throw away a few pounds today and buy more.
  • I do love the mini pitas ($1.99). I think it’s weird that the regular stores around here often don’t have pita of any kind but Aldi has 2 sizes and both in whole wheat and white.
  • I got eggplant ($1.39/lb) and mushrooms ($1.59/8-oz) to go with the beef I had to put back so I’m open to suggestions about that!
  •  Club rolls ($2.79) from the good bakery in Philadelphia  and pork to make pulled pork. We have an event to go to on a weeknight and I’m going to make that in the slow cooker so if they don’t properly feed us, we will have food when we get home. If we aren’t hungry we’ll have it for lunches or another day.
  • Pork belly! Fully cooked sous vide pork belly for $4.99. Why not?


Total: $60.57 for 20 items for an average of $3.02 an item. Which is 40-50 cents more an item than usual. I guess the math must be right but it seemed high for only 2 items over $6 and no items over $8.50.



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  1. delorap says:

    Aldi prices have been going up the past month! It’s not just fresh items either; pantry staples I use, such as crackers and lemon juice, have nearly doubled. Actually, the lemon juice used to be $1 for the 1L bottles, and my last couple visits it was $2.39!

    Looking at your receipt, mozzarella used to be $1.99, onions $1.69, and eggs $.99 (at least at my store in Fairfax).


  2. Rachel Rappaport says:

    Eggs at my Aldi(s) generally aren’t quite that low. I feel like the onion price (and potato) goes up and down a few times a month! Not sure about the cheese, I don’t normally buy mozzarella there. It was a 16 oz bag.

    For nonperishables, I think the prices have gone up on a few items but others, like the tuna, went down by 60¢.


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