What’s in my Aldi Cart? Ad Week 9/25-10/1/19


We were on vacation last week so I had to pick up some staples today! This week’s ad was all over the place–pet supplies, cast iron cookware, and yard tools–but not a lot of raw ingredients.

  • Wild rice mix was $1.49. We tried this recently and it was pretty good as an easy emergency side.
  • Fancy ravioli (on the high for Aldi side for $3.29/8.8 oz). I bought one of each eggplant and mushroom/truffle.
  • Coleslaw mix for $1.29. I don’t think I am actually going to make coleslaw, it’s actually just shredded cabbage and carrot and cheaper than buying the individual ingredients and I don’t have to shred it. I think I’m going to saute it with the spaetzle ($1.99) and thin pork chops ($5.94) I’m going to turn into schnitzel I bought.
  • The meatloaf mix was a bit more than I expected ($5.49) but they didn’t have ground chicken which was my first choice. I’m going to use it to make kofta for dinner tonight.
  • Eggplant looked good today so I picked some up. $1.39/lb is about half what I normally pay for it at the regular supermarket. I might saute some to serve with that ravioli.
  • Winter squash was on sale for 69¢/lb and I bought the last spaghetti squash. It was a monster! 5.11 lbs! That is going to take forever to roast.
  • Arborio rice was back! Oddly, it wasn’t around during Italian week recently. It comes in the same big tub it that the regular grocery store sells but is only $4.99 vs the $7.99 they charge. There is a brand at our local Italian market I like a smidge more but you can’t really beat the price and it is quite good. I get maybe 5-6 meals out of each tub?

This week I spent $70.02 for 27 items for an average of $2.59 per item. It was a little more than I guess but I was out of basics like onions, potatoes, celery, and milk.


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