What’s in My Aldi Cart? Ad Week 9/4-10/19


I went to the farm stand after this shop so it is a little light on the produce.

  • Proscuitto ($3.29) is always good at Aldi and pretty affordable. I used it in a salad with figs from my yard, squash, and some other late summer ingredients.
  • I was hoping for a larger cut of meat to grill this weekend but nothing looked right so I bought chicken thighs to grill instead. You really can’t beat the price of chicken thighs!
  • Fagottini is similar to ravioli or tortellini; it’s a small filled pasta. Normally I don’t buy dried, filled pasta but I’ve never seen it before so I picked some up for $1.99/package. I bought the truffle flavor.
  • The pork loin had an expiration date of 9/30 so I thought I’d pick it up to have on hand. They are so easy to make and good to have on hand in a pinch.
  • I bought some navel oranges to make this cake for a lunch my mom is having. Normally I don’t buy oranges this time of year. Luckily they seem pretty fragrant so hopefully, they are good. $3.79/3lbs
  • Bought beans (49¢/can), canned tomatoes (organic, $1.59/can) and some stew meat ($5.29 for a 1 1/4lb) to make chili in the slow cooker while I am at a convention for the day later this week.
  • Lamb loin chops ($7.99) were a bit of a splurge for Aldi but lamb is tricky to find sometimes and I thought they’d make a good dinner for a night when I didn’t need to worry about having leftovers.
  • I really like their mini pita ($1.99). Their regular sized pita is pretty good too. Oddly some of the “regular” supermarkets around here don’t carry pita (??) so having it at Aldi has been a big help.


$58.44 for 24 items for an average of 2.43 an item. Pretty typical!

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