What’s in my Cart? Ad Week 8/28-9/3/19



It’s been a long summer but I finally did a full shop at Aldi today!

  • I’m glad Aldi has started regularly carrying ground chicken. I like it better than turkey and it is only $2.89/lb.
  • I’m planning on making Malaysian Ramen for dinner tonight so I picked up limes ($1.69), peanuts ($1.89), and spinach ($1.39).
  • Picked up a 5+ lb pork butt ($13.21). I think we will smoke it on Monday for Labor Day using this method. Not sure what to do with the inevitable leftovers though! Last time we made barbecue spaghetti but I think I might try something different.
  • Bought some breakfast ham ($2.99) to make homemade Egg McMuffins this weekend.
  • They actually had the steelhead trout! ($10.99/lb) We are going out to lunch with friends tomorrow but I think I will make it for dinner.
  • More Kalamata olives. I used the last of the jar last night making this for dinner. They are really good and cheap for imported olives at $2.19.
  • Jalapenos were only 69 cents so I picked up a bag. Maybe I’ll use them in some chicken burgers using the ground chicken?

You really can’t beat Aldi’s prices. I went to Target for tea and shampoo and the spinach, limes, and peanuts were nearly 3x what I spent at Aldi. I also checked out Weis when I was picking up soda, watercress, hot dogs, and rolls and everything was much more there than I spent at Aldi for pretty much everything on my list. I wish Aldi had better rolls and white bread (regularly) because I could drop going to the regular grocery store off my errand list for most of the month.

Anyway, the pork and the trout were the two big-ticket items this week, making up nearly $24 of the total. Still cheaper than take out and the pork will yield a ton of leftovers. Total: $89.01 for 30 items. Average: $2.96/item. A little higher than usual but I actually haven’t grocery shopped in nearly two weeks.



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