What’s in My Aldi Bag? Ad Week 5/15-21/19


I totally forgot to get a cart shot! This is the first big Aldi shop I’ve done in about a month. We were in NYC for a long weekend and I had some specific things to make using ingredients Aldi doesn’t sell so my recent trips have been pretty small.

  • I bought 2 dozen eggs, came home and realized I have more than an dozen here already. Oy. Suggestions?
  • The jumbo butterfly shrimp is pretty tasty! I’ve seen it for $7 at the regular supermarket so it’s a pretty good deal. It gets crispiest on the convection setting but you have to keep an eye on it.
  • Last week I realized we had zero non fancy butter in the house. I’ve never had that happen before! Aldi butter is so cheap, I waited until today to stock up.
  • I had a craving for ground beef gravy so I picked up some ground beef and extra potatoes.
  • They had some sauerkraut bratwurst ($3.99) I’ve never seen before! I figured it would make a good dinner for an night when we don’t want leftovers.
  • Asparagus was a little high at $2.89 which is odd since it is in season.

They did not have the barramundi that was in the ad! What is up with the Aldis near me never having the first special? The ad started today!

Total: $64.29 for 27 items. Average: $2.38.

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