What’s in My Car(t)? Ad week 3/27-4/2/19

This what happens when you think there are 3 bags in the car, you grab an extra and it turns out there are only two and you have to use your third bag at a different store for the stuff Aldi doesn’t sell (in this case, herbs and fennel). I still spent $92.23 but we were out of a lot of basics.

  • The ground lamb is $5.99/lb which is high for Aldi but cheap everywhere else. I bought two. We made lamb kofta one day and the other has a good expiration date so it’s just chilling in the fridge. I think Aldi meat is pre-frozen sometimes (source: occasionally half frozen chicken or seasoned pork) so I don’t generally try to re-freeze it until I really have to in order avoid waste. I served it with an eggplant-zucchini dip and the mini pita ($1.99). I loved the mini pita. Who knew?
  • Chicken thighs were turned into a spicier version of my mochiko chicken recipe I served with sticky rice (with furikake) and spicy broccoli.
  • I bought a seasoned pork roast to turn into quesadillas. The directions on the back tell you to roast it for like 3hrs but I just put in the slow cooker for around 8.
  • I’m hoping to turn the stew meat and mushrooms into some sort of stew.
  • The onion dip was marked down to 10¢! The date was close but since it was 40¢ last week, I’m worried they are discontinuing it. It’s the only prepared dip I actually like!
  • I was out of cocktail sauce (I like to doctor it with more horseradish) and chili sauce (my shortcut for pulled pork and other dishes like that)–both are $1.29. Both have the “seasonal” label at my store so I am always worried they are going to disappear. The same thing is about 2 1/2 times that at the regular grocery store.

This week’s total was $92.23 for 37 items. That’s $2.49 an item which seems typical. I’ve been spending more lately but I’ve also bought a few pricier things and did some restocking of basics. Breaking it down to the per item price helps me roughly keep track if it is prices going up or just buying more.

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