What’s in My Aldi Cart? Ad week 3/6-12/19


This was a bit of an expensive shop for Aldi but I bought a lot of things for future meals.

  • I did get the shoes but I think I’m returning them. They are cute but they fit one of my feet oddly. (??)
  • You really can’t beat $9.98 for 2 lbs of cod. Cod is not my 100% favorite but it is pretty versatile.
  • Jumbo scallops are always good.
  • The crispy butterfly shrimp ($3.99) cooks up well, especially if you have a convection oven.
  • I love that Aldi has frozen, raw peeled shrimp now. I wish it as a full pound though, it’s only 12 oz which seems chintzy. The price isn’t bad ($5.49) but most things I make call for for a pound. If I get two bags then I’m left with an odd amount of shrimp.
  • More spinach and mushrooms serve with the ravioli I bought last week.
  • Pesto, green beans, canned beans and tomatoes for the soup I made last night.
  • I haven’t had boneless country style ribs in a long time so I picked some up.
  • Can’t beat a big jar of Kalamata olives for $1.99.
  • My favorite popcorn! G.H. Cretors Popcorn The Mix. $2.79 is less than I normally see it and the regular grocery stores near us don’t sell it.
  • Baby cucumbers were only $1.79!

My total was $87.20 for 31 items so an average of $2.89.

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