What’s in my Aldi Cart? Ad Week 2/27-3/6/19

Someone else must be a fiend for the corned beef because when I arrived not long after the store opened, there were only two left! The second one was pretty small and fatty looking so I only bought one. I did see the bourbon coffee and was tempted but didn’t get it. Has anyone tried it?

  • Corned beef at $1.99/lb you can’t beat it. This one was pretty big and almost looked like it is cut into two pieces? I can’t be sure.
  • A few vegetables. I ordered a box of locally grown produce with my delivery service so I didn’t need too much but I did get spinach, asparagus (on sale for $1.69), mushrooms and their super cheap green onions (only 89¢ for a large bunch).
  • Gnocchi, cubed prosciutto ($2.69), orecchiette ($1.19)  and ravioli (spinach, mushroom, and gruyere flavored, $2.79) leftover from last week’s Italian theme. I will probably saute the mushrooms, spinach, and prosciutto and toss it with the ravioli for an easy dinner one day when we don’t need leftovers. I feel like two containers for 2 people is too much for a meal but one is too little unless you are having something else for your main dish. I try to remember and put some aside before I boil them to have for my own lunch one day.
  • Mini naan ($3.49) isn’t the cheapest and honestly, I don’t think it is as much like naan as it is like a fluffy pita or flatbread but it’s pretty tasty and good for sandwiches because it is pretty sturdy.
  • Sliced Swiss ($1.79) and bagged coleslaw mix ($1.29, easier and cheaper than shredding cabbage on my own) to make Rachel sandwiches with the corned beef. I wish Aldi sold rye bread! I stopped at Weis for marble rye on my way.
  • Fake crab ($2.19) which I like to have on hand to make pasta salad with when I don’t have leftovers for lunch. I only like the chunk kind and sometimes all they have is flake or leg so I picked some up.
  • Irish bangers ($2.99). I bought a pack of the onion and ale ones and the classic. They are not the healthiest of sausages so I didn’t get more. I don’t think they’d freeze well.


Not a bad shop! If I get by another Aldi, I might try for some more corned beef. I’m hoping the flats go on sale too.

Total $59.82 for 23 items for an average of $2.60 an item. Not bad at all.


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