What’s in My Aldi Cart? Ad Week 8/29-9/4/18



I finally went to the new(ish) Aldi in Columbia, Md this week! It actually a little disappointing. It wasn’t bigger than the Edgewood one and it was sort of messy. It was late in the day but it seemed disorganized. It did have a “bakery” with fresh baked goods but it wasn’t terribly impressive. If you bought a lot bread, it might be worth it but I can’t see going out of my way to shop there.


  • Potato rolls (not from the bakery, just on the shelf) $1.49. I don’t think these are seasonal but my usual Aldi doesn’t always carry them. I like them a lot better than the plain white ones they sell.
  • German cheese pack ($3.49)  Cheddar and gruyere, precubed. Perfect for a snack or cheese board.
  • Snacking cheese ($2.79) according to the receipt but it’s Alouette Le Petite Fromage, spreadable garlic cheese really tasty on crackers.
  • Townhouse Focaccia crackers ($2.49), another real brand item. I think this would be the sale price of it at other stores. Bought it to go with the cheese.
  • Dark chocolate chips ($1.69) I wonder if they are making them year-round now? They had been marked “bittersweet” around the winter holidays and as a seasonal item but now they are back in a slightly different package but the same percentage of cocoa (70%) and no longer marked seasonal. I hope this is true!
  • Rice Pudding (88¢). My husband was with me and wanted to try it. He liked it. Very cinnamony.


Total: $54.67 for 26 items for an average of $2.10. Not bad! I am getting a local produce delivery so not much produce this time.

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