What’s in my Cart? Ad week 6/6-12/18


I did not feel like going to the store today at all. I sort of botched the cart shot too, I forgot until it was on the belt and then forgot about it again until after I bagged. I also only (for some reason) only brought in 3 bags so I had to put the shorts, non-refrigerated produce, and dry goods all in the same bag. Oh well! Luckily it didn’t break when I hauled it in the door.

Cheaper produce helped keep prices down a bit again, only $71.37 and $9.99 of that was for “sleep shorts” for my husband. I also bought quite a bit of meat: ground beef, nearly 2 lbs of turkey breast, a pork loin and some stew meat.

  • Most of the produce was cheaper this week ($1.29 iceberg lettuce, $1.89 baby cucumbers, $1.69 tomatoes) but the asparagus was up at $2.99. More than I normally spend but I wanted it for a particular dinner and it looked good.
  • Men’s “sleep shorts”: the solid ones are 100% cotton (why aren’t the women’s clothes cotton??) and sort of t-shirt material. At only $9.99 for 2 pairs I figured it was worth a shot.
  • I priced it out and it is cheaper to buy the $1.29 boxes of couscous than to buy it in the larger bags at the regular grocery store.
  • Tomatoes smelled like actual tomatoes today so I picked up some. I’m thinking tacos and wedge salads this week.
  • They had fresh mint and limes for good prices. And fizzy water. Wonder what I am making this weekend?
  • They did not have feta crumbles today. I finished what we had last night so I picked up some crumbled goat cheese instead.
  • I do like the pre-marinated meats, they really make dinner easier so I can concentrate on the sides or whatever else I’ve made that day. They also make good sandwiches or we slice them up over rice for lunches the next day but they aren’t very thrilling.
  • Kiwi for $2.59/2-lbs! Can’t beat that.
  • Unsalted peanuts ($1.89) for that snack mix I want to make for a client. Any idea what else to do with them? Unsalted peanuts seem sad.
  • Graham crackers because they are $1.25 and I am feeling s’mores-y.

All in all, a pretty good shop! $71.37 for 27 items for an average of $2.64 an item. I wish Aldi had some more white bread choices, the brioche has gone up to nearly $4 a loaf and the other options are either basically Wonderbread or sourdough (which is fine but the loaf is huge! too wide for most sandwiches) and I can’t eat the whole grain bread they sell. We don’t eat a ton of bread but it is a pain to have to make a special trip somewhere just for a loaf.

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  1. You could put salted peanuts in an Asian-inspired dish that is already salty, like a stir-fry. Rachel, I miss peanuts so much. My fondest dream is for you to develop a pad thai recipe for me that is peanut-free but still very delicious. (Almonds don’t work, I tried.)


    1. Rachel Rappaport says:

      That’s a good idea. I always forget about savory peanut uses for some reason.

      Re: Pad Thai, have you tried sesame? That might be an idea.


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