What’s in my Cart? Aldi Ad Week 5/30-6/4/18

I didn’t shop anywhere last week but I oddly still had a lot of produce and odds and ends to I didn’t need much this week. At $53.87 this is one of my lowest totals. I was a little surprised since I did buy a few things that were not food and some of their slightly more expensive meats.

  • The cool comfort pillow. I have pillow needs and similar pillows online were easily 4x as much. It seems really fluffy! ($6.99)
  • Turmeric was on sale for $1.99, the bottle I had at home was really old and turmeric is normally a pricey spice.
  • Cherry pitter ($3.99). I have a really nice OXO one but I am a Washington State stonefruit “canbassador” and I’m expecting a case of cherries in the next few weeks. This way my husband and I can pit at the same time.
  • Cereal ($1.79), oyster crackers (79¢)  and pretzels (79¢) for a recipe I am working on for a client. You really can’t beat Aldi for cereal and snack food prices. I was at Target before Aldi and all of those items were 2-4x as expensive there than they were at Aldi for the same sizes.
  • The tomatoes don’t look quite as good as they did before but they smell good.
  • I’m making po’boys with the Amoroso’s club sized rolls. I love that Aldi sells them.

Total: $53.87 for 22 items for an average of 2.44 per item.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bobbi says:

    Oyster crackers seem to have disappeared from my Aldi. I’m disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Rachel Rappaport says:

      That’s so odd! They seem to move them around a lot, maybe they are in a different spot? In my store they used to be near saltines but recently they are closer to cookies.


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