Aldi Ad Week 5/23-29/18




Summery produce is making an appearance! Most of the ad is just highlighting the food and prices they always have but showing you how to make s’mores using it etc

Produce: $3.89 whole Florida watermelon, $1.79 pineapple, $1.99 pint blueberries, 25¢ corn, $1.89/lb strawberries.

Seafood/Meat: FRESH Maui Pineapple Cedar Plank Salmon Side $9.99/lb–I haven’t tried this but it looks good, $1.89/lb pork spareribs, $7.99/lb ribeye steaks, Sea Queen Salmon Burgers $4.49–these are frozen but really tasty for a quick meal and are wild-caught.

Nonfood item: Still a lot of outdoor items, the $69.99 hammock with stand looks good, $14.99 glass bird feeder (seems like a good deal), $2.49 beverage spikes for the yard, $129.99 gas fire table, $89.99 pool, Ambiano Milkshake Maker $19.99, Crofton Silicone Suction Lids $4.99, tons of dog stuff from a $19.99 crate to $3.99 toys.


Check out the weekly ad here and the Aldi Finds only here.

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  1. If I wanted to cook a salmon burger on the grill (propane) would I have to thaw the burger first, or can it just go on the grill frozen? I’ve never grilled anything but Katie taught me how to use it last night. Er, rather, how to turn it on — using it to cook food is another matter.


    1. Rachel Rappaport says:

      I cook them from frozen, I’m pretty sure that’s what the instructions say but anyway from frozen they only take about 5 minutes.


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