What’s in my Aldi Cart? Ad Week 5/16-22/18

Will the rain ever end? My Aldi was suffering today too, they were installing new mats at the entrance to trap all of the rain. Returning the cart was more harrowing than I’d care to recall.

Another pretty inexpensive shop! Only $62.16 for 28 items for an average of $2.22 per item. And that includes the new springform pan I bought for $6.99!

  • Ricotta cheese and lemons. I met Giada De Laurentiis Wednesday (she served me pasta and I talked to her about the movies her grandfather made!) at her new restaurant here in Baltimore and they served us these amazing lemon ricotta cookies. Possibly the best non-chocolate cookie I’ve ever had. This is very high praise. I really want to reproduce them at home!
  • I was excited to see the springform pan that was in last week’s ad, I didn’t see it in stock when I last shopped. It is a standard sized one with a slightly larger base which I’m intrigued by. My current pan has a base that is the same size as the ring and it can be tricky to line it up correctly. I’m thinking this pan might catch any leaks too. I’ll review it once I make something in it. They also had heart-shaped ones but I already have miniature heart-shaped springform pans and I couldn’t justify it. Maybe if it goes on clearance?
  • They also had the turkey andouille that was missing last week. I haven’t had it before but I’ve had other turkey andouille that I liked from Costco. It was a little tricky to find because it was jammed in with some other variety of turkey sausage and oddly near dips vs. the other sausages.
  • More fresh salsa. This seems to be an every day Aldi item now vs. an Aldi Find like it was for a while. I like the hot version a lot and it keeps surprisingly long opened in the refrigerator.
  • Tons of squash (only 89¢ for 20 oz) I actually have a bunch leftover from last week too so I am on a vegetable making frenzy. They were just so cheap!
  • Ginger because I felt like I bought it last week but it seems to have disappeared.
  • Vidalia onions, the real deal from Georgia! These are great in homemade onion rings. No real plans for it yet but they can be difficult to find and pricey so it was nice to pick them up for even cheaper than regular onions.
  • Pretzel buns were back so I think I will make burgers this week.
  • Probably chicken burgers because I bought two packs of ground chicken this week. The ground beef was only in the smaller packs and ground chicken is about half the price.
  • Tomatoes on the vine for $1.49. They actually smelled like tomatoes so I bought two bunches. Fingers crossed they are actually good!
  • Smoked knockwurst. I can’t remember if I’ve had this or not. I think it is a summer only item.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sherry says:

    The blog Sally’s Baking Addiction has a recipe for lemon ricotta cookies. I plan to make them soon 🙂


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