Aldi Ad Week 5/16-22/18




Apologies for the late post, when it rains the internet is spotty and now my basement is leaking so there wasn’t time for it yesterday.

This week’s ad is clearly getting you ready for Memorial Day and the all of the summer cookouts to come.

Produce: 49¢ mangos, $1.49 tomatoes on the vine, 89¢ for 20oz yellow squash or zucchini (this is one of my go-tos in the summer at Aldi, it isn’t a vegetable that improves a ton by getting it at the farmers market or growing it yourself and it is frequently on sale very cheaply), $1.29/lb broccoli (same),  Vidalia® Onions $0.99/  2-lb. Bag (this is an amazing deal and real Vidalia can be tricky to find).

Meat/Seafood: Boneless Half Pork Butt Roast $2.29/lb (great for smoking!), SimplyNature FRESH FAMILY PACK ORGANIC GRASS FED 85/l5 Ground Beef $4.49/lb (this sells out at my store, it is a great price for grass-fed beef).

Seasonal summer foods are back so look for a lot of ice cream, ice pops and things like shrimp skewers in stores now.

Nonfood items: $5.99 hanging basket, Range Master 4-Burner Gas Grill $139.99, Range Master Electric Smoker $99.99 (great price for this!),  Gardenline Grill Gazebo $69.99 (oddly named as it is not a grill but it has built-in caddies/bars for drinks/condiments and utensils), $3.99 large citronella candles, $2.69 vegetable plants and a bunch of biking stuff from helmets to bike racks from $29.99 down.


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