What’s in my Aldi Cart? Ad Week 5/6-15/18

I actually still had a lot of produce and the ground chicken and pork from last week leftover so this week’s shop was more about picking up odds and ends I needed than anything else.


  • I passed on the candles–the names were fruity/fresh sounding but in person, they were all very floral and perfumey. I hope maybe they will come back with new scents at some point, I was worried these scents would overwhelm my relatively small house.
  • The filet mignon looked good but they were packed in two packs and not very evenly. One steak would be huge and the other would be very small. I didn’t want this because it is more difficult to cook them together and I didn’t want to buy multiple packages to make my own matched set.
  • Our store did not have the springform baking pans!
  • Their sustainable canned tuna is still the best deal in town. I used to stock up at Trader Joe’s but at $1.09/can, it really is a better deal.
  • Produce prices are down with most fruit and vegetables under $1.50/lb.
  • Gravlax was back! I love their gravlax and $3.89 is a good deal for 8 oz.
  • Vanilla prices have skyrocketed and shortages have been reported. It’s still only $3.49 for 2 oz.
  • Picked up a box of individual applesauce cups for $1.39 for 8 servings. Strawberries are pretty much the only fruit in season now and too easily bruised and perishable for my husband to take to work. I loathe applesauce but he doesn’t mind it so it is a nice filler fruit.
  • Fresh ginger was back in stock!
  • Trying their pita for the first time. For $1.49, why not?
  • Bought a pair of the sunglasses for $4.99. I am the sunglass queen so I can always use a pair. They are a bit ’70s looking and heavy feeling so hopefully, they will be good.
  • Bought a carnitas roast, tortillas, and quesadilla cheese for easy quesadillas.
  • I put back the lettuce in the picture at the last minute.

Total: $50.32/25 items for an average of $1.57 per item! I think that might be my lowest to date!

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