What’s in My Aldi Cart? Ad Week 5/2-8/18

I was surprised at how low my bill was this trip. I haven’t done a real grocery shop in nearly a month! I did a run two weeks ago but that was mostly snacks and nonfood items. I was seriously overdue for a grocery visit and I felt like I bought a lot. I spent $85.27 for 34 items and $17.97 of it was non-food items. Average: $2.50 per item.

  • Snøfrisk Norwegian goat cheese in Wild Ramson Garlic ($3.19). I have never seen this anywhere so I am excited to try this! It is a real brand, not private label.
  • The embroidery kits were super cute so I bought the “boho” one (which is really floral designs?) and the monogram one for $7.99 each. They are both labeled as having some extra “exclusive” patterns/thread in them so I did some googling and found the kits online. The same Boho kit (without the extras) on Amazon is $15 so this is definitely a deal. These kits are one of the rare times that an Aldi Find is something sold under its actual brand and not under an Aldi private label. I look forward to checking them out, I am really out of practice embroidering and I have a big project I’ve been too nervous to start. These look like a good way to ease back into embroidery in an affordable, quick way.
  • I wasn’t going to get the boneless pork butt but they actually had a small-ish one (about 5 lbs) for $12.85. I will probably make some sort of pulled pork with it. The rest of the pork butts were huge but there are small ones out there! I normally freeze the leftovers for future meals or repurpose it in some way.
  • My husband thinks the frosted mini wheat knock-offs are as good as the regular ones. At only $1.39, cold cereal is welcomed back into the house. 🙂
  • Huge container (42 oz) of old-fashioned oats for only $2.39.
  • Various produce–the price of produce, in general, is inching down as it gets warmer–I bought a pound of strawberries for $1.99, spinach for $1.49, celery for $1.29, zucchini for $1.59 (2 lbs), a large cabbage for $1.29, cauliflower for $1.59 and only the strawberries were a special buy. This really keeps the grocery bill down!
  • Aldi had ground chicken for sale, I only rarely see ground chicken anywhere so I thought it would worth trying. I find ground chicken to be a little less gamey tasting than ground turkey so if it is good, it might make its way into the rotation. It was only $2.89/lb.
  • My store had some of the bulbs from earlier ads for sale marked down from $7 and under to just $1.99 so I picked up a shade mix. It is just barely bulb planting season here.
  • Skyr Icelandic style yogurt. I haven’t tried it from Aldi before so I’m intrigued. At 99¢, it is a lot cheaper than the individual ones at other stores which run closer to $2 each.
  • Waffle cones! This seasonal item is in stores now and only $1.59.


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