Aldi Ad Week 4/25-5/1/18


A bit late this week, sorry! The day got away from me and then I had an ophthalmologist appointment and had to stay off the computer.


Produce: 59¢ avocados (a great price at least locally!), green beans $1.29/lb, $1.39 pineapples, zucchini or yellow squash $1.39/20-oz. (their squash is normally pretty good), organic grape tomatoes $1.99/pint.

Meat/Seafood: 95¢/lb whole chicken (awesome deal), fresh cod with adobo seasoning $9.99/lb–good deal if you like pre-seasoned fish, plain cod is normally more than this per pound, 79¢ for family pack bone-in chicken thighs but I am not a fan of the larger packs of these personally–they were poorly cut each time I tried them.

The return of their meal plans–five days of meals broken down by ingredient. The prices for the food is Aldi’s normal pricing but it is a cute idea. Monday is shrimp and pesto pasta and it breaks down exactly what products you need–fresh pesto, pasta, frozen raw shrimp, even garlic bread) to make the meal. There is even a dessert menu! A very cute idea and fun way to see their products in “action”.


Nonfood items: tons of outdoor stuff again. The conversation set for $199 is very cute as is the Gardenline Pergola ($149.99). Cheaper items too like hoses ($19.99) and garden gnomes/statues–one is of a frog taking a selfie! ($4.99). Oddly the other deals are all bedroom related–from $39.99 quilt sets to $12.99 shoe racks to an Easy Home Twin Window Fan With Remote for $24.99. I guess if you are tired from all that gardening you can come back to a cozy bedroom.


Check out the ad yourself here and the Aldi Finds only list here.

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