Aldi Ad Week 4/18-24/18


I didn’t make it to Aldi last week to do a big shop due to having things leftover from the week before, going out of town and getting a (free) Blue Apron delivery on Monday. Oddly, though we ended up shopping for lunch at Aldi on our trip, it was a 4+ hr drive and it was almost time for my aunt’s 100th birthday party by the time we arrived in town and we weren’t sure of the food situation (the party was at 2pm) so my husband dashed into the Aldi across the street and bought rolls and some German deli meats/cheese leftover from German week to make a quick sandwich while I got changed. I wish I had told him to snag me a pair of those rain boots! I will probably make it to Aldi this week but to be honest, I don’t need much food between our plans for this coming weekend and some things we picked up at H Mart on our way back from PA last weekend. I do have my eye on some of the Aldi Finds for the yard though! Those are generally great quality and really affordable.

Produce: $1.69/lb strawberries, 69¢ mangos, $2.69/pint blueberries, and $1.19/lb red grapes.

Meat: seasoned brisket for 4.99/lb (remember when brisket used to be a cheap cut of meat? also, I wish they’d have this deal near Passover!), 3 lbs ground turkey for $6.99 (Jennie-O, not Aldi brand), $1.89 half pork loin (these can be huge, I normally cut them down into more reasonable portions and freeze them), $5.79/lb top sirloin steak.

Another week of mostly nonfood items on sale! This week is a lot of gardening items and oddly underpants for adults ($8.99 and under). I haven’t been impressed with their small, handheld gardening tools (on sale this week) before– they were cheaply made– but their accessories like birdhouses ($9.99), stakes ($8.99) and plants ($8.99 and under) have been great. There is a gas grill for $169.99 and a tumbling composter for $39.99 that are both great deals.
Check out the ad yourself here and the Aldi Finds only list here.

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