Aldi Ad Week 4/11-17/19




Did you get your German goodies last week? This week is tons of gardening supplies, outdoor dining equipment and not too much exciting food-wise.

Produce: $1.39 pineapple, 69¢ seedless cucumbers, 99¢ blackberries, $1.29 Brussels sprouts, $3.79 Organic Spring Mix (1 lb).

Meat/Seafood:  Lamb Loin Chops $7.99/lb, Southwest  (seasoned) Atlantic Salmon $8.99/lb, SimplyNature organic grass-fed 85/15 Ground Beef sold in a 4-lb. pkg. for $17.96.

Gardening items: Gardenline 21″ Gas 2-in-1 Lawn Mower $159.99, Gardenline Heavy-Duty No Kink Garden Hose $14.99, Gardenline Cordless Trimmer $39.99, Gardenline Ladies’ Garden Boots $12.99 (I’m tempted by these for taking the dogs out when it is rainy), Gardenline 20V Hedge Trimmer $49.99, Gardenline Garden Utility Cart $49.99, Gardenline Chair Cushion $12.99, Gardenline 9′ Wood Market Umbrella


2 Comments Add yours

  1. The rain boots are super cute!


    1. Rachel Rappaport says:

      They are! I have tall ones but they are a pain to put on just to go up and down the steps, I think I could just kick these off. I’m not sure if I’ll be near Aldi this week though.


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