What’s In My Cart? Aldi Ad Week 4/4-10/18

Pretty empty cart today! This weekend is weird because weather reports are either calling for tons of snow or nothing. We actually had a lot of plans this weekend (Light City, a festival on the Eastern Shore, some historical talks) but who knows what if anything we will make it too. Even if it doesn’t snow, I don’t know how many outdoor activities I actually want to do with it is barely above freezing. In April!

Since everything is up in the air, and I still have some odds and ends from last week, I mostly picked up some German Week Aldi Finds and easy proteins that had good expiration dates that I could make or freeze. I spent $66.40 and that includes the $7.99 for 10 suet cakes to lure birds to the bird feeder stake I bought last year. So only $58.41 on people food and to be honest, a lot of it is specialty meats and cheese.

  • Speck! and Schinken! I bought two speck, one schinken. Both are basically the German version of prosciutto or serrano ham. We have a German store near by but they never seem to have speck and this only $2.49. Great on a cheese plate or in dishes.
  • Black Truffle Brie round $3.49. This was jammed in the corner of the cooler with a couple of other flavors so I’m not sure if it was an old Aldi Find or a new one. It has a good date so my cheese plate collecting continues.
  • German salami ($2.99). They had two kinds. I picked the kind with Alpine cheese in it because why not? The other one looked more like a plain salami. I don’t ever buy a sausage with cheese in it (and it is so popular in supermarkets, it is almost hard to get sausage without cheese) but you can’t see the cheese in it and I was intrigued.
  • More of the boxed couscous. I realized when I made it the other day I don’t hate tiny couscous as much as I remembered. I still like pearl couscous best though. It cooks in like 5 minutes so that might be part of the appeal. $1.29.
  • Egg spaetzle because I couldn’t remember if the spaetzle I had at home was the egg kind or not. Either way, we will eat it. $1.99
  • Peanut puffs. I think these are the German generic version of Bamba and for $1.49, why not?
  • $3.49 for mini bratwurst. No real reason but anything mini is fun.
  • Coleslaw mix ($1.29) because it was cheaper than a cabbage and some boring vegetables.
  • Pretzel crackers ($1.69) only available during German week,

$66.40 for 23 items for an average of $2.88 per item.



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