Aldi Ad Week 4/4/-10/18



Let’s be real, its German week at Aldi and nothing else they have on offer matters. Sure there are 69¢ avocados, Snofrisk Spreadable Cheese
for $3.19 and $130 gazebos but if you’ll want to spend your grocery budget on German food this week. Most of these items probably won’t be around until October when they have their Octoberfest promos so stock up now.

My picks: Deutsche Küche European Mustard $1.49 (the beer one is good and not too beery), Deutsche Küche Egg Spaetzle $1.99, Deutsche Küche Cornichons $1.99 (if you like German style cornichons, they are sweet and savory), Deutsche Küche Herring Fillets in Flavored Sauce $1.69 (for the adventurous, they come in flavors like mango and curry), Deutsche Küche Speck or Schinken $2.49 (the cheapest, easiest to find and tastiest speck in the US IMO), Deutsche Küche Red Cabbage with Apples $1.89 (I like this as a side for pierogies and want to try it in a grilled cheese sandwich), Deutsche Küche Pretzel Crackers $1.69 (good with dip or chive cream cheese).


I do not like their frozen spaetzle or savory strudel. They aren’t horrible but they aren’t very good either.

Check out the ad yourself Aldi Finds only here.

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