What’s In My Cart? Aldi Ad Week 3/28-4/3/18



I haven’t been to Aldi in three weeks so I really had to stock up. I did some minor non-Aldi shopping for some non-Aldi ingredients (matzo!) and a few staples but I really did a lot of cooking from what I already had on on hand. That said, I really needed to shop! I spent $109.20 which I was pleased with because I bought a lot of “fancier” and more pricey items this week and an Aldi Find.

Thanks for those who guessed how much my cart cost this week over on the Facebook page or Instagram.

  • A bird feeder stake ($9.99). I’m excited about this, the branch that holds one of my feeders broke off in the snow we had last week. This one gets stuck in the ground and holds a tiny drink station and 3-4 birdfeeders. Most of our trees are really old and big so they are difficult to hang things on.
  • I used a bunch of bay scallops I already had the last few weeks so I replenished my stock a bit. They are a seasonal item and only $4.99 so get them while they last.
  • I’m making fancy deviled eggs for Passover-Easter this weekend so I bought a ton of eggs and some smoked salmon.
  • I have never seen a boneless ham like this at Aldi before. I normally get something similar at Costco. It’s more pricey than most hams but it is boneless and easy to cut into slices or cubes so it is worth it to me. It was $15.33 at $3.69/lb. I feel like it was a little cheaper per lb at Costco but the ones at Costco were way bigger than I needed. I’m excited to try it!
  • Faux frosted mini wheats for my husband ($1.89) and faux Rice Krispies ($1.19) for treats. Can’t really beat that for cereal and I really don’t notice a difference.
  • Cara Cara oranges and Meyer lemons ($4.49, $2.49). They smell really good so I’m hoping they taste good! Oddly, one orange was smashed in the bag when I went to put it in the fruit bowl. Don’t know how only one was smashed? Maybe I don’t want to know.
  • Shiitake mushrooms!! Not any cheaper than the regular store at $2.89 but I don’t have to make a special trip anywhere else.
  • Serrano ham was back for $2.69, diced prosciutto ($2.49), and the English truffle cheese ($3.49) so a lot of gourmet-ish items for pretty cheap today. The cheese is an Aldi Find but the other two things are pretty frequently in stock.
  • Trying a hatch green chile ranch dressing for $1.49. Normally I make my own salad dressing but this looked like it might make a good dip for fries.
  • A rice mix and a couscous mix ($1.29 each). I haven’t had a mix like this in years but I’m tired of coming up with starchy side dishes when I am working on developing a a main dish recipe. Maybe they will be good?
  • Easter shaped pasta! $1.89 and super cute.

So, $109.20 for 38 items (average $2.87/item). Not bad for getting two bags of scallops, a whole ham, a bird feeder stake and a bunch of more “gourmet” items than I normally get in one shopping trip. And the usual produce, meat, and a few snacks.


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  1. Nancy says:

    Waiting for Aldo’s to come to Mt. Pocono!


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