Aldi Ad Week 3/28/18-4/3/18



Easter is Sunday and Aldi is still putting some Easter-y items on sale for last minute shoppers.


$9.99/lb rack of lamb–great price but the ones in my store were not very meaty looking.  Bone-In Ribeye Roast $6.99/lb, Sirloin Tip Roast $3.99/lb, tons of ham in stores including spiral sliced ham for 99¢. Glazed is $1.89/lb which is a great deal too.

Produce: $1.29 pineapples, 99¢/lb green beans, $1.99/5 lb baking potatoes, $1.29/lb  Brussels sprouts, $1.49/lb asparagus.

Not a huge amount of other food items for sale this week. In non-food items, Aldi is really into the spring cleaning. Lots of cleaning supplies and kitchen organizing tools from about $5 down. Vacuums from $59.99 and under. Gardening stuff: bulbs from $6.99 and under for both sunny and shady areas, tons of bird supplies. They have great prices on bird feed, houses, baths and more from about $15 down. I have the birdbath and the birds love it.


Check out the ad here and the Aldi Finds here.

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