Aldi Ad Week 3/21-27/18




Inching closer to Easter with 99¢/b spiral sliced ham. As Aldi is a German company, I am not surprised there aren’t some Passover items on sale but it would be nice! They are opening up so many stores in new areas and I know there is a kosher Aldi group on Facebook; Passover products seem like an easy thing to add. A lot of their products are kosher but not kosher for Passover. A sale on brisket at least!

I didn’t shop last week as I had a lot leftover from the week before and picked up some non-Aldi ingredients (like ground chicken for these meatballs) for specific recipes. I had planned to go to Aldi today but it is snowing. We are getting really low on produce and are down to frozen seafood for proteins.

This week fresh steelhead trout is on sale for $9.99/lb. Trout is pretty uncommon in stores here so I was looking forward to this! Hopefully, it will still be available when I can make it off our street. Thick cut boneless pork chops are $2.99/lb, seasoned chicken breasts are $3.79/lb (a good deal if you are into that sort of thing), black angus strip steak for $8.99.

Produce: Cantaloupe is disgusting but only 99¢, the $1.49 pineapple is hanging in there, $2.69/3lb mandarin oranges, 99¢/lb green grapes.

This week in the ad they have a meal plan set up-the featured items seem to be the regular price but are grouped together for “salad Monday”, “taco Tuesday” etc which is a cute idea.

Nonfood items: $5.99 potted hydrangeas–I bought one last year and transplanted it and it was super hearty and pretty, some Easter/spring dishes and egg plates for $6.99 and under,  some entertaining items like a folding table that can be wheeled away ($29.99), silverware ($14.99) and a marble cheese board at $9.99. Tons of kid’s stuff from rainboots to coloring kits ($4.99 and under) that I guess would make good Easter gifts? A chair for $69.99 that looks pretty cute, rugs ($39.99) and a bookcase ($39.99) are the oddly substantial home items this week.

Check out the ad yourself here.


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