What’s In My Cart? Aldi Ad Week 3/7-13/18


This week was my cheapest visit to Aldi since beginning the blog, I think! Only $51.55 and that included a plant! I have some asparagus from last week and cauliflower from the week before that! Still in pristine condition. It’s a little freaky.


  • I couldn’t resist this ($5.99) stripy spider plant. I had one when I was really young that my aunt had propagated for me and then one day my mom decided she didn’t like houseplants anymore and they all disappeared. Anyway, I’m adult and I can get any plant I want! Not sure where to hang it because our house is pretty dim.
  • No exciting meat or seafood this week, I still have the Irish bangers from last week and a bunch of frozen seafood that I thought I might use.
  • Aldi’s price on baby potatoes is pretty good, $2.99/3 lb. I’m thinking about making coddle with the bangers using these instead of sliced potatoes.
  • I think I overbought vegetables but they do seem to keep a freakishly long time. Just the basics this time, cabbage, broccoli, green beans, and cucumbers. I’m a little surprised the cabbage isn’t on sale this week since it is almost St Patrick’s Day but $1.29 each isn’t bad. They are on the small side though.
  • I love their sauerkraut and it is only $1.69 for a huge jar. Seriously, it lasts months.
  • Restocked some refried beans, tortillas and tortilla chips. I like to have them on hand for repurposing leftovers into quesadillas or nachos.
  • Red grapes were only 99¢/lb. Grapes aren’t my favorite but this time of the year is rough fruit wise. Not much is in season.
  • I think their marshmallows are actually Campfire brand which is my favorite but difficult to find. Plus they are only 89¢!
  • Trying the pea crisps. They were only $1.39 and my husband has been asking for a snack type thing to take in his work lunch. A woman in the store was buying them and said her family loved them.


So, $51.51 for 25 items for an average of $2.06 per item. Not bad! $11.75 of that was non-food items (the plant and the resealable bags) and marshmallows which are oddly taxed.

I didn’t find any Easter candy I wanted, it was all milk chocolate! Normally they have at least some seasonal dark chocolate but besides some marzipan eggs, I didn’t see any.


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  1. The head of broccoli I bought 2 weekends ago is also still in pristine condition. Go Aldi veggies! I’m going to finally make broccoli with oyster sauce tomorrow night.


    1. Rachel Rappaport says:

      I really don’t understand. I still haven’t eaten the cauliflower I bought on the 21st(?) and it looks fine.


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