Aldi Ad Week 3/7-13/18



It is a cold, dreary day here in Baltimore! I think I’m going to put off shopping until tomorrow when perhaps it won’t be sleeting off and on.

Easter is April 1st so it is making an appearance at Aldi this week! I feel like I say this every week–and probably have since I started the blog around the lead up to Thanksgiving–but I like the holiday items at Aldi most of all and normally stock up. After Easter there is a bit of a holiday drought until the fall which will probably be good for my wallet.

Produce: $1.19/lb strawberries. The strawberries last week were really picked over but maybe this week will be different. $1.49 tomatoes on the vine. I don’t generally buy tomatoes out of season but the on the vine kind are occasionally not too bad in a pinch. Red grapes are 99¢/lb. Cantaloupe is revolting but it is on sale for $1.19 if you are into that sort of thing. Just don’t put it into a fruit salad and serve it to me, thanks!

Meat/Seafood: More corned beef for sale this week but a little more expensive ($2.89-$4.49/lb depending on the cut. I don’t think I need more after last week but I admit, I’ve already finished one making corned beef and cabbage buns. 3lb ground turkey for only $5.99! FRESH Atlantic Salmon With Mediterranean Herbs is $8.69lb which isn’t bad for seasoned salmon. Half Pork Loin $1.69/lb (these are normally huge so be prepared). Also: the start of a special Lent sale page.

Nonfood items: Gardenline 4-Tier Greenhouse $19.99. This is super cute and I wish we had a use for it. Gardenline ORGANIC Seed Starter Mix $3.99 (14qt), yoga and stretching equipment from $14.99 on down, Crane Mini Stepper $39.99.

Tone of Easter candy on sale from about $10 for big bags to $2.29 truffle eggs.


Check out the ad yourself here and the Aldi Finds here. Special Lent ad here.



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