Aldi Ad Week 2/28-3/6/18


I’m kind of excited about this week’s ad, it has a bunch of stuff for St Patrick’s Day! Now St Patrick’s Day is not my favorite holiday by any stretch of the imagination but I love corned beef and this time of year it goes on sale super cheap. Last year I bought out like the whole store’s worth and froze it to use the rest of the year. I’ve corned my own beef before but that is a long process that needs a lot of fridge space. I like it in deli stuff like the cloak and dagger sandwich and I’ve made a lot of leftover corned beef and cabbage recipes over the years, including Corned Beef and Cabbage Bao. Anyway! I am heading there today to procure some $1.99/lb corned beef.

Beyond corned beef, they also have Irish bangers on sale ($2.99) which I tried last year and liked. Irish bangers are tricky to find outside of Aldi and Costco and only this time of year so if you like them, pick some up. Lots of Irish cheese ($3.99 and under, huge box of Lucky Charms $3.49 and Irish Soda bread mix for $1.29.

Produce: Asparagus is $1.29/lb a sure sign that spring is ahead, green grapes are under $1 lb, Florida strawberries are $1.29 lb and 3 lbs of lemons are $1.99.

Nothing too exciting in the ad for meat/seafood beyond the bangers and corned beef–just showing off the regular prices of things like salmon, bay scallops (a favorite buy at $4.99), grass-fed beef, smoked salmon.

For nonfood items: bulbs have arrived! $6.99 for a big bag. I’ve had good luck with Aldi bulbs in the past so I’ll check them out. Hanging baskets (with various live flowers) for $5.99, some closet storage type items including Easy Home 3-Pack Velvet Touch Accessory Hangers for $4.99 which I bought last year. Perfect for scarves, ties and belts.

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