What’s In My Cart? Aldi Ad Week 2/21-27/18


As I mentioned this week’s ad roundup, I hadn’t been shopping since 2/9! In fact, I’m most likely making the Brussels sprouts I bought then tonight. The groceries I buy at Aldi really have good expiration dates/hold up well!

Somehow I ended up spending $78.77 even though I didn’t need anything for tonight’s dinner and will be on a solo trip to NYC for four days. In my defense, I bought some easy things to make the day after I get back and it was Italian week so I stocked up on a lot of their Aldi Finds Italian products.

The breakdown:

  • 2 vacuum packs of gnocchi: one plain, one spinach. I had these last year and they were really tasty! And at $1.79 much cheaper than what I normally pay.
  • 2 packs of dried pasta nests- tagliatelle-($1.99 each). Each box is a few ounces more than a pound so will probably be at least a couple meals per package. I don’t understand why tagliatelle was basically the default pasta in England, France, Belgium, and Portugal when we visited but is a rarity here. It is so much better than spaghetti! I bought both regular and spinach. They also had a tomato version but I didn’t think I needed three packs. Might get it if they still have it next week though.
  • Ground bison! I am not sure if this is really a better deal ($7.99/lb) than it is at the regular store but it is worth it for some variety and one-stop shopping. A great deal if you live in an area where bison is difficult to find!
  • Shredded Gouda ($2.99). I keep buying the fancy cheese in hopes they will keep selling it. So much cheaper and easier than buying and grating it myself.
  • Boring things like milk (organic whole milk $2.99/half gallon), sliced Havarti ($1.89), fake crab ($2.29 this week), zucchini (a deal at $1.89/lb and it looked good), green onions (89¢), cauliflower ($2.29), crimini mushrooms ($1.49/8oz)
  • Two kinds of refrigerated ravioli ($2.79/9 oz): Spinach, Mushroom & Gruyère and Goat Cheese & Roasted Tomato. I don’t think I’ve had either before.
  • Shelf stable pesto that is oddly good for $1.99.
  • Brioche buns ($2.29 up from $1.99!) for the bison burgers I plan to make tomorrow.
  • A block of cheddar for the dachshund to take her pill in. Fancy dog! Right now she is using Cabot horseradish cheddar so this is much cheaper at $1.79/8 oz.
  • Some snacks for my husband to have this weekend: my favorite garlic hummus ($1.99) and some tortilla chips ($1.29)
  • Chicken thighs by request for my husband to make this weekend. I wonder what he is going to make?
  • $1.29 orecchiette pasta because it is cute.
  • Clothes steamer ($12.99). This was in the ad a couple of weeks ago. My husband has a new job and doesn’t want to be wrinkly. I’ll review it once we’ve tried it out!



So, $78.77 for 29 items for an average of $2.71 an item. Of course, one item was a clothes steamer so only $65 for actual food. Not bad! I was mostly stocking up for future meals but it should take me through most of next week. Grocery prices are slowly rising though, even at Aldi, a lot of things are 30-60¢ more than they were this time last year which ads up.

I will have to do a shop next week because they are getting all of the Irish products in for St Patrick’s Day! Another country’s cuisine I need to stock up on!



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