Aldi Ad Week 2/14/18-2/20/18



Happy Valentine’s Day! I have some brownies in the oven I made using all Aldi ingredients right now.

It isn’t too late for some fresh or potted flowers–Aldi has them now for $12.99 and under.

Not a ton on sale this week, most of the ad features items they always have at their regular prices. Probably because we are a few weeks out from any holiday right now.

Lots of seafood on sale, presumably because of Lent: Little Salad Bar Seafood Salad $2.99/10 oz tub, Sea Queen Battered Fish Tenders $2.99, Sea Quest Medium EZ Peel Raw Shrimp $4.99/12 oz, Sea Queen Stuffed Clams $3.99/9 clams, Specially Selected Jumbo Scallops $9.99. Specially Selected Ahi Tuna $5.69/12-oz is one of my favorites, I cook it from frozen and it is ready to serve in just a few minutes.

Produce: Mini Sweet Peppers $1.79/16-oz bag, Lemons $1.99/2-lb. bag,
Florida strawberries $1.49 1-lb!! Not the best time of the year for produce.

This week’s non-food items seem to be home and craft related. Coloring kits for $4.99, Coloring Jigsaw puzzles for $4.99, $4.99 crochet kits (these look super cute–craft woodland creatures!). For the home, a $24.99 trashcan, $3.49 stainless steel utensils, $6.99 dish drainer and a stainless steel steamer for $3.99.

Remember to check out the ad here and the Aldi Finds only here.

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