What’s In My Cart? Aldi Ad Week 2/7-13/18


I am seriously over winter and winter food. Will spring please come? Today I spent $92.60. A little more than expected but I did get a lot.

  • Prices for everything continue to go up! My secret shame faux crab was $2.29 instead of the $1.88 it was before. That’s still cheaper than it is at the regular supermarket but a big jump percentage-wise!
  • We had tried the fresh hot salsa a couple of weeks ago (when I didn’t do a big shop) and it was really good. It was in the spot my store seems to put items they might not get more in of so I picked up another one ($2.49/16oz). It has an expiration date in late March so why not?
  • Zucchini was only $1.88/lb so I bought some. I don’t find that zucchini really suffers too much from being farmed far away during the off-season.
  • Mystery flavor Haribo for under $1! Couldn’t resist. I wonder what the mystery flavors are?
  • Stocked up on bags of the bay scallops. I made some for dinner the other night and they were great. You can’t beat $4.99 for 16-oz of sustainable scallops; each bag literally has about 150 scallops in them. They are seasonal and frozen so might as well get them when I can.
  • Mini naan was in stock and pretty cute so I picked some up. I thought I might make some sort of sandwich with it? Mini meatballs?
  • Wild-caught frozen flounder was back in ($4.29/16-oz). Oddly one of my top recipe posts on my recipe blog is this one for fried flounder so I will probably make that again at some point.
  • Valentine’s Day pasta was $1.99 for a 16-oz bag. I do love shaped and colored pasta.
  • Pho and Ramen broth were an Aldi Find today. I bought two pho broth as the flavors sounded tastier. I’ll probably use them for ramen or some other noodle soup and not actually pho though.





$92.60 for 34 items for an average of $2.72/item. Not bad, especially considering I spent $15 just on scallops.

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