Aldi Ad Week 2/7/18-2/13/18



January finally ended! I’m ready for spring, personally.

Aldi had a lot of Valentine’s Day goodies in last week’s ad and I am sure some might still be in the stores but not a lot Valentine’s Day content this week so I hope you are prepared!

Produce: Grape tomatoes (organic) are $1.99/pint which isn’t a bad price. Out of season cherry/grape tomatoes are normally a better bet than slicing tomatoes. Oddly, plums, nectarines, and peaches are on sale for 99¢/lb but I can’t imagine they are very good. If you try them, let me know! More seasonally appropriate mandarin oranges (cuties) are on sale for $2.79/3 lb bag. The first of the Florida strawberries are in for only $1.49/lb so they are worth checking out.

Meat/Seafood: 2 4-oz (frozen) lobster tails for $12.99 and $12.99/lb filet mignon for the at home surf and turf of your dreams. $6.99/10 oz gets you a fresh salmon and zoodles primavera, something I haven’t seen before and quite a bit cheaper than other take and heat supermarket options, for $6.99 you can also get a pork roast kit.

Frozen foods: Don’t get the sushi. $4.99 will get you a real simple roll somewhere. Chicken and pork potstickers are $2.99 which is a solid price, especially if you do not have a Korean, Thai, Filipino etc grocery near you with a better selection, there is some frozen takeout Chinese options if that is your thing for $5 and under.

“International” home goods this week, bamboo utensils for $3.99, if you don’t have a spider and like to fry or make dumplings, now is your chance to get one, a $14.99 rice cooker, $12.99 wok and a $12.99 teppanyaki grill round out your best bets.

Various flowers both cut and potted are on sale starting on the 11th.

Check out the ad yourself, and the Aldi Finds only ad is here.


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