What’s In My Cart? Ad Week 1/31/18-2/6/18

Last week I didn’t do a big shop (spent less than $20 total on groceries at various stores) anywhere, so it is a full cart today! I spent $94.73. Less than I thought actually since I bought a fair amount of meat and seafood.

  • Bay scallops (frozen) were back. I haven’t seen them in a while (not really searching though) and they were only $4.99/lb! The ones at the seafood counter at the supermarket are normally $9-15/lb and are “previously frozen” so this a great deal. It was marked as a “seasonal item” so I might get more. I like to add them to soup, pasta, risotto or noodles or even leftover take-out lo mein to pep it up. This chowder is amazing if you are looking for a recipe. Oh, they come in a resealable bag which is awesome because you can just shake out what you need and seal it back up.
  • Lots of vegetables. We’ve been out of carrots for weeks and that’s shameful. Also the usual broccoli, cauliflower, celery and green onions.
  • Asparagus went up to $3.49/lb which isn’t an amazing deal but they weren’t marked so I wasn’t sure how much they were. Carrots were only $1.29 so it evens out.
  • We had spaetzle recently so I picked up a bag to replace it. It’s also a seasonal item so I try to stock up for the year during the winter.
  • Butterkase was back! This is a great melting cheese. A little mild but great for ham and cheese sandwiches or on top of burgers. A bit pricier than their other sliced cheese at $3.49/8 oz.
  • Managed to restrain myself in the Valentine’s Day aisle (my favorite holiday) and only got some Belgian chocolates ($2.99) and 2 bags of heart-shaped marshmallows (89¢/12 oz bag). Unfortunately, a lot of the chocolate was milk chocolate which neither of us particularly enjoy.
  • Bittersweet chips appear to be gone from the shelves. <insert sad emoji here>
  • I apparently lied in my last shop post when I said I only crave and buy fake crab every 10 years or so. It was really good! I bought two more packages this week. Maybe I will be done after they’re gone. UPDATE: I reviewed it here.
  • Bought bottom round. I can’t remember if I’ve cooked with it before. All of those cuts of beef sort of blur together for me. Top round, bottom round? Whatever. It was a small roast which can be hard to find so I got it. The two of us can’t get through the huge 5+ lb roasts they sell at Costco and supermarkets.
  • Bought guacamole ($2.99). It comes in two bags per package and I had been freezing the second bag but I haven’t loved how it defrosts. Luckily it has a pretty good expiration date.
  • Thin cut pork chops were available and looked good. I think I might make some sort of schnitzel with them. Much easier than pounding my own cutlets. There is a ton of them in the pack so I might freeze half.
  • Meyer lemons and Cara Cara oranges were still in stock. Love them both so taking advantage of that.


I spent $94.73 for 38 items for an average of $2.46 per item. Not too shabby! The chocolates were taxable but oddly the marshmallows were not. I guess marshmallows are considered regular food and chocolate is candy?

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