Aldi Ad Week 1/24/18-1/30/18


How is it the end of January already? I just shopped last Friday so I’m not in a huge hurry to shop this week, but there are some deals I’m tempted by.

Produce: Pennsylvania White Mushrooms for 79¢/8 oz which is a great deal since they are normally 2/$5 at the regular grocery store. Avocados are also 79¢ which is a good deal, but I’ve been enjoying the mini avocado bags they’ve been having lately for about $2.49. The pineapple deal never seems to end at $1.49/pineapple. Green leaf lettuce is a super cheap 89¢ and a great choice if you are avoiding romaine. Green grapes are $1.29/lb if you are into that sort of thing.

Meat/Seafood: $1.99/lb pork sirloin roast, my favorite Coho salmon (fresh!) is on sale for $9.99, beef pot roast kits (seasoning, beef, vegetables) for $8.99/about 3 lbs. Two Maine lobster tails (frozen) for $12.99 which is an okay deal but not fantastic IMO. Thin cut chicken breasts for $3.49/lb.

While I have zero interest in sports, the Super Bowl is coming up and that means lots of snack and “tailgating” type foods on sale. Bratwurst or Italian Sausage (19 oz) $1.99, Clancy’s Potato Chips $1.09, frozen jalapeno poppers for $1.69, fake Velveta for $3.99 (the real stuff is surprisingly expensive too) and fake Ro-tel for 45¢, my favorite Friendly Farms French Onion Dip is $1.19, Clancy’s White Rounds Tortilla Chips 89¢, Little Salad Bar Fresh Salsa $1.99. Mama Cozzi’s 16″ Deli Pizza $5.49, Little Salad Bar Three Dip Platter $6.99.

The non-food items are big game friendly too–a deep fat fryer for $19.99 (I admit I am a little tempted by this one–think of the doughnuts!) and a slow cooker for the same price. Crofton Lightweight Cast Iron 6-Quart Dutch Oven or 5-Quart Braiser is also $19.99. $34.99 gets you an Ambiano Convection Countertop Oven. There is a cute Crofton Cheese Knife Set for $4.99. If I didn’t already have one I’d get this Crofton 16″ Pizza Pan for $2.99 or this pizza wheel for $2.99.

Remember to check out the ad for yourself here, and the Aldi Finds for this week here. Also: Big Game low prices, and Big Game Essentials (this one does not have prices for most items) ads.

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