Product Review: Happy Farms Pimento Cheese Sandwich Spread

I picked this up because while I normally I make my own own pimento cheese, it was so affordable, it was cheaper to buy it than to buy a brick of cheddar and a jar of pimentos myself. At my husband’s current job, he has some work at home days so I thought it would be a good easy choice for lunch if we didn’t have leftovers.

We like spicy food so I bought the jalapeño version but they had plain as well.

I’m sorry to say that this is one food I will ever buy again from Aldi. I’m surprised because it is such a simple food and I really haven’t bought anything at Aldi that I absolutely hated. Until now. I made sandwiches with it and neither of us could finish even half a sandwich. It was not only super mushy, it was oddly sweet. Yes, sweet. Never have I had a pimento cheese with even a hint of sweetness before. It was spicy but it didn’t taste too much like cheese so it was sort of like a creamy, lumpy sweet-spicy spread of nightmares and regret.

I had glanced at the ingredients and they looked normal: cheddar cheese was first, followed by peppers and vinegar. I should have read more closely because it also had high fructose corn syrup in it. Now I really don’t care if something has HFCS in it, personally, but there was no reason for it in pimento cheese at all. It is not a sweet food, and it would add nothing texture-wise or to make it have a longer shelf life. It was just revolting.

Luckily we had some Aldi salmon burgers in the freezer from a few months ago so we had some of those instead.

Verdict: Would never, ever buy again. A billion thumbs down.

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  1. Verna says:

    Happy Farms pimento spread is a mysterious, bad tasting concoction of what seems like ground up macaroni and some creamy stuff with bits of pimento. Three adults pronounced it inedible. Aldi refund my money without incident. The rectangle shaped German pumpernickel bread also was super disgusting. The expiration date was 6/2021. Wrong in so many levels.


  2. R.J. says:

    I’m kind of perplexed by the impression of this spread. I personally love it, and know many others who do as well. It has a kick with the jalapeño addition and is smooth. I personally dislike mayonnaise taste of many other pimento cheese spreads, so I find this one amazing. Out of 10 people who I know who have tired this spread, 1 thought it was too spicy for them, 4 loved it, 4 thought it was good but something they didn’t prefer as a dip and 1 was a kid and indifferent.

    Different tastes don’t mean wrong, just different. I wouldn’t call this spread horrible/ bad tasting, by any stretch of imagination.

    Some people love Pepsi and hate coke, and vice versa. Doesn’t make the Coke people wrong.


    1. Rachel Rappaport says:

      I wrote the review. It’s my opinion. You are welcome to enjoy whatever you like but that doesn’t make this review incorrect. It was truly the worst thing I’ve ever bought at Aldi. It was by far the worst pimento cheese, dip or spread I’ve ever had. It was both bland and sweet. There is no reason to put corn syrup in a cheese spread. Pimento cheese is not supposed to be sweet at all.


  3. Jan Jesse says:

    My husband loves it. I am on the internet looking for it, because Aldis has been out.


    1. Rachel says:

      You can easily make it yourself. It’s shredded cheese, mayonnaise and jarred peppers. Aldi only has it seasonally.


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