What’s In My Cart? Ad Week 1/17-23/18

Last week I didn’t really grocery shop anywhere and I just finished up most of what I bought two weeks ago. My husband did pick up ingredients for my Peanut Butter Boppers and the lip balm I reviewed last week at Aldi and spent $9 but that didn’t seem worthy of a whole post.

  • Meyer Lemons!!! $2.49/2 lb bag A great deal for 6 pretty big lemons and they can be tricky to find. I love cooking with them.
  • Kiwi is back for $2.29/2 lb. I stopped off at Giant (mid-Atlantic supermarket chain) to buy soda and right as I walked in they had a big display of identical packages of kiwi for $5 each! I posted a picture on Instagram for proof.
  • I snagged a bag of the bold party mix that I guess was leftover from a few weeks ago. I saw the traditional on the shelf with chips so I wonder if that flavor might have become a regular item.
  • Dried cranberries were so cheap ($1.29/6 oz) I couldn’t resist.
  • Baby Bella (crimini) mushrooms were only $1.49 for 8 oz.
  • Baby avocados for $2.49/bag. There are 6 avocados in the bag.
  • Old El Paso soft taco bowls ($2.19). No idea what I am going to do with them but thought it might make a fun blogable dinner.
  • $1.89 for fake crab. I get a craving for this like once a decade and hate spending the $4 or so the regular store charges for it. Who wants to pay top dollar for the fake crab salad they will eat alone, in quasi-shame? UPDATE: I reviewed it here.
  • Fresh spinach ($1.29/8 oz)  looked good again after a few weeks of it being kinda smushed looking.
  • They didn’t have the Jenny-O marinated turkey tenderloins ($5.99) the last time I shopped and then today, they had turkey tenderloins but under their own Fit & Active brand for the same price. Curious!
  • Creamy horseradish sauce was $1.29 so I thought it was worth a shot; the grated horseradish I normally buy always has a short expiration date and I end up tossing it before it is finished.
  • Regular cold smoked salmon was back for $3.99. I hope they bring back the gravlax, I really enjoyed that!
  • Queso Fresco for $2.29. Maybe for the taco boats?
  • Blueberries aren’t in season but they looked good and were only $1.79 for a pint. We have so much plain yogurt to use up, this will help.
  • Baby cucumbers were only $1.89 again. They had been creeping up there for a bit.

Plus the usual meat/vegetables. Didn’t need milk or eggs this week and I forgot to get carrots. The Aldi Finds this week were mostly kid stuff and organizational/office supplies which I didn’t need.

$71.12 for 29 items for an average of $2.45 an item. Not too shabby!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Carrie says:

    Shopped Aldi this week. Under $90 for a weeks worth of groceries! Even had my daghter putting extra snacks in the basket! Whole chicken was .95/lb! Cannot recall when I have seen it for that low of a price!


    1. Rachel Rappaport says:

      That’s great! Wonderful price on the chicken!


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