Aldi Product Review: Lacura Be Kissed Lip Balm

I was excited to try this lip balm because the packaging reminded me of my favorite Nivea lip balm I’ve imported from Europe but in fruity flavors. For $1.89 for three tubes I figured it was worth a shot!

I have to say, I really think this is the European Nivea lip balm formula packaged for US Aldi stores. The shape of both the tube and the actual balm are identical, and the package says it was made in Germany just like my fave imported balm was. Of course, I have no ties to Aldi so I can’t say for sure but I’m 99% sure I’m right. The packaging of the Lacura lotions they carry always looked like Nivea bottles to me too. So if you are a Nivea fan, this is really worth checking out.

I love this balm because it goes on smoothly, isn’t sticky, gives a light sheen but isn’t glittery or wet looking and has a great light, fruity fragrance. My hair doesn’t stick to it and I don’t feel like I have to reapply every five minutes. Plus my lips stopped looked chapped after using for a few hours. Can’t ask for more than that! I love the smooth rounded top of the balm too, some other brands like Chapstick are flat and I feel like it takes a bunch of uses until they are more rounded and comfortable to apply. Not so with the Lacura Be Kissed Lip Balm. It also doesn’t have that super waxy feel that some lip balms have.

There are three flavors: Pomegranate & Aloe Vera, Cranberry Vitamin Smoothie, and my favorite: Tangerine-Orange. All are slightly unusual flavors or combinations to me, especially pairing Tangerine and orange (normally it is one or the other) and cranberry. They all smell really good and surprisingly realistic. None of that coying fake fruit smell at all. The Tangerine-Orange smells particularly authentic, possibly due to containing mandarin orange extract. The smell from all of them does dissipate fairly quickly so no worries of smelling like fruit all day.


Two thumbs up!



check out the fresh from the package- smooth, rounded balm-no flat edges!


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  1. TAMRA A Steinmetz STEINMETZ says:

    Great product, love it and will buy it again.


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