What’s in my Cart? Ad Week 1/3-9/18

First cart of 2018!

I feel like I say this every week but I did spend more than average. I swear until starting this blog, my receipt was always $67, no matter what I bought. I think part of it is starting this blog right before Thanksgiving so every week has either been shopping for a holiday, during huge shops so I don’t have to shop right before a holiday or buying a lot of winter seasonal items. Also, since nothing is really in season, produce is pretty high all around.

I didn’t do an Aldi shop or a regular grocery shop at all last week. We did our annual themed food and movie marathon (I wrote about it here for TheKitchn, we’ve moved passed decades–this year our theme was sequels and food that tastes better the next day) for NYE so I had a bunch of specific foods I needed to buy and then we just ate leftovers etc.

This week I don’t have any big plans for dinner beyond making it. We are supposed to go out to eat tonight but it is very very cold here so I expect we might be doing a lot of cooking this weekend.


  • Bought some more extracts (vanilla and peppermint) because I used them a lot during the holidays and peppermint ($1.99) is seasonal. No other major seasonal items though!
  • They had fresh, not from concentrate pineapple juice! It was $3.89 for a half gallon which didn’t seem too bad. I don’t normally buy juice but it seemed so sunny and cheery for January. Vitamin C!
  • Some fancy shaped pasta for $1.29 a bag.
  • Cara Cara Oranges are my favorite so I bought some even though I have some tangelos at home. At $3.99/4-lb, 8 orange bag it wasn’t a bad price. They are always more expensive than regular navel oranges. I like to cook with them too.
  • Truffle Mac & Cheese box for $1.79. Someone online raved about this so I thought I’d try it. I don’t remember the last time (if ever) I’ve made boxed mac and cheese before so I’m a little scared.
  • New-to-my-store but doesn’t seem to be an Aldi Find or seasonal item, Pimento Cheese in a tub for $2.69. Normally I make my own but I’d spend more than that on a brick of cheddar and pimentos so I thought it was worth a try. It will make a good, easy lunch on one of my husband’s work at home days. UPDATE: reviewed it here.
  • Frozen Jumbo Scallops for $9.99. A little pricey but I’ve heard good things and the scallops at even the seafood market are normally previously frozen and range from about $12-19 on sale.
  • Ahi tuna (frozen, raw) for $5.62/12 oz. I like to cook it from frozen in a skillet so it is a great thing to have on hand for days when I don’t shop.
  • More boring stuff like vegetables, pork loin, and ground beef. I don’t have any major meal plans for the week so I got what looked good.
  • They still have Kerrygold Butter in so pick that up if you like it, it is a good price there: $2.85 vs the $4 or so I normally see it. It is so good on bread/rolls.
  • $1.79 for sliced Colby to hide the dog’s medicine in. She’s been eating fancy horseradish cheddar so this is a step-down for her.

Final tally: 89.31 for 31 items (average of $2.88). All actual food no taxable items.

There is a foldable exercise bike for $89.99 in the ad that looks interesting, I didn’t get today because it is super windy, the box looked unweldy and I didn’t think I could get it into the car successfully by myself. Will report back if I get it!

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