Aldi Ad Week 1/3/18-1/9/18



Happy New Year!

Check out that fresh Coho salmon for $9.99! I love that Aldi has started to sell fresh fish in the stores, the selection isn’t huge but it is a good addition. Grass-fed beef for only $4.49/lb! Ground turkey for $6.99/3 lb.

Nothing too thrilling produce-wise, 69¢ mangos are back, a 4-lb bag of navel oranges for only $2.49, $3.49 for the big organic salad mix.


New product launch this week! A whole line up of vegetarian and vegan foods! Lots of meatless burgers, meatballs, and sausages from $3.89 and under. I’ve seen similar items in the past as an Aldi Find but these look like they are going to be available every week. That Thai veggie burger looks good!

Lots of healthy living items on sale this week too–$3.99 handheld vegetable spiralizer, $19.99 food dehydrator, $7.99 food chopper. Lunch containers from $5.99 and under. Also some workout equipment–everything from an $89.99 foldable exercise bike to $19.99 kettlebell set to a $6.99 exercise ball.


Check out the ad here on the Aldi site and all of the Aldi Finds here.


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  1. I’m glad to see the Aldi brand meatless meatballs. I love those on a grilled cheese sandwich to make it a little more substantial for dinner. I forwarded your post to Chris so that he could see the new vegan stuff, although he might know already, because he shops at Aldi, too. (But the one you don’t like as much, at Loch Raven & Taylor, I think.)


    1. Rachel Rappaport says:

      They are new this week so I haven’t seen them yet but they look good. I might try some of the veggie burgers, I like to have something on hand for lunch in a pinch!

      Yeah, I don’t love the Loch Raven and Taylor one, it is always a little disorganized. I hate having to drive to Nottingham though!


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