Aldi Ad Week 12/27/17-1/2/18


Last ad of 2017! Aldi wishes you a happy New Year and reminds you that their stores close at 7 PM NYE and are closed on New Year’s Day so keep that in mind!

First up is produce! Washington (state) Pink Lady apples for $2.19/3 lb bag. An especially good deal since Pink Lady apples are one of the pricier varieties out there. 59¢ avocados! The price of avocados are up everywhere so that seems like a steal. 89¢/6 oz blackberries–not in season but if you had the urge it isn’t a bad deal. 59¢ mangos and $2.59/3 lb mandarin “cutie” oranges round out the savings.

On to meat! $2.99/lb thick cut pork chops. Aldi always have pork chops (thin and thick) but these look especially thick so if that’s what you’re into, go for it. $14.99/lb NY strip steak. I’ve seen better deals at other stores in years past but not a bad price, especially if you don’t want to shop around. Boneless, skinless chicken thighs at $1.69/lb are always a good choice. $4.99/lb fresh, stuffed meatballs is new-to-me but might be good?

Seafood: frozen jumbo scallops are 9.99/12-oz which is about average, as are the frozen $4.99/12-oz cooked shrimp.

Party time! 99¢/16-oz French Onion dip (the only packaged dip I buy), and $1.09 Clancy’s potato chips. Aldi’s version of Chex mix is $2.29/15-oz bag but only in traditional or cheddar varieties. Board games are $14.99, and card games are $2.99-3.99. There is a photo booth prop kit for $2.99 in both NYE and generic party versions. Finally, there is a karaoke machine for $59.99.

Odds and ends: $18.99 ceramic essential oils diffuser, $4.99 essential oils, various home organizing items from $24.99 (rolling clothes rack) to $4.99 storage bins.


As always, check out the ad yourself here and Aldi Finds only are here.

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