What’s in my Cart? Ad week 12/20-12/29/17

Went to Aldi on the day the ad came out again (Wednesday). As I’ve mentioned before, I hate grocery shopping before the holidays so I wanted to get it done! I will need a few things from the Italian market and some puff pastry but I pretty good to go until the end of next week. I spent $81.91.


  • I know a lot of people shop at Aldi because it is cheap and I do too but the second reason I shop is just as important to me personally. Lots of European/International products that I can’t find anywhere else at very reasonable prices! Today I bought Stilton ($2.99), actual gravlax ($3.89), Proscuitto di Parma ($4.49) and a violet sea salt grinder (no idea what I am using violet salt for) $2.99. I can’t find any of that so reasonably priced in any local supermarket.
  • Slate serving board ($4.99) for recipe blog pictures and cheese boards. This was in last week’s ad and my husband picked me up the two pack of skinny boards but I really wanted the whole one. For $4.99, why not? The cheapest I’ve seen them this size elsewhere is $20. They still had plenty in stock.
  • Pickled items: pickled beets for $1.19, sauerkraut and red cabbage ($1.79/each)
  • Turkey stock was back in so I bought two cartons for $1.49 each since it is a seasonal item with a long shelf life.
  • Some of my usual weekly items.
  • Fresh herbs (my favorite relatively new to Aldi item), celery (79¢), asparagus-normally I don’t buy this out of season but it looked good and was from Mexico so thought I’d try it ($2.89/lb), eggplant looked really good ($1.29/each).
  • Not too much meat-wise, I still have a bit leftover from last week. Stew meat and chicken thighs.
  • Trying out the Aldi version of Chex Mix. I had a craving and for $2.29, it is way cheaper than making it myself. UPDATE: I reviewed it here.
  • A draft stopper for the door ($6.99). We had one that was a little too long but this one seems to fit fine.

Another slightly higher than average week thanks to stocking up for the holidays, seasonal items, fancy food and non-food items like the door stopper and the slate boards (non-food items added up to about $13).  $81.91 for 32 items for an average of $2.55 an item.

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