Aldi Ad Week 12/20/17 through 12/26/17



The last solely 2017 ad! Unsurprisingly, it is still very holiday-focused.

Nothing terribly exciting produce-wise. Celery or yellow onions are 79¢ again, $1.99/4lb bag navel oranges, the $1.29 fresh pineapple, $1.39/5lb yellow potatoes.

If you like Atlantic salmon, fresh is on sale for $6.99/lb (personally I prefer Pacific salmon so I hold off for that to come in season), rack of lamb is $9.99/lb and is one of the pricier Aldi meat options but lamb is pretty expensive and hard to find in the US so it is still a good deal, beef tenderloin is also $9.99/lb. Still a ton of ham on sale from $2.99/lb down to 89¢/lb depending on what you are looking for in a ham.

Tons of sweets on sale from $2.99 European truffles, to $1.99 “Caramel Waffles” which are clearly stroopwafel, to $5.29 mini cream puffs.

Some festive beverages: Ginger beer $3.99, sparkling juices and water for $2.49. Maryland doesn’t sell alcohol in grocery stores but I am sure there are a ton of deals there too.

The same crackers, baking ingredients and bread are on sale as they have been for the past month or so.

Aldi Finds include a lot of things car-related from $39.99 car jumpstart kit to a $3.99 ice scraper. Also some entertaining goods from ice buckets ($9.99) to champagne glasses ($8.99) to various barware ($6.99).
Check out the ad for yourself here, and an Aldi Finds-only list here.

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