Product Review: Ready Pac Bistro Salads

I  noticed these salads for sale at Aldi a couple of weeks ago. I’m not a huge salad eater and I work from home so I normally just make myself lunch or have leftovers so I’m generally not in the market for pre-packed lunch options.

I noticed a few people Instagramming these salads and they seemed to really like them so I thought I’d try it out. I picked up the Greek-Inspired Feta Cheese one (they are all ($2.79) Wednesday when I did my grocery shop for the week. Right away I noticed that they all had really good expiration dates: December 22nd! That’s a full 10 days from when I bought it. This would be great if you wanted to buy a whole week’s worth of lunches at once.

The salad is really well packed, the “mix-ins” were in a sectioned tray that set in to the greens bowl so nothing mingled or got soggy. The greens (an impressive mix of escarole, endive, radicchio, red cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots–the broccoli and cauliflower were matchsticks, not florets) were crisp and tasted fresh. The dressing was in a sealed container and there was enough for the whole salad. The chicken was very lean and the feta chunks were a good size. The kalamata olives were pitted. It comes with a tiny plastic fork (the black thing in the picture below).


I mixed it all together in the greens bowl and dressed it. The dressing reminded me a bit of the salad dressing I used to get in school lunches in elementary school–in a good way! It was garlicky and sharp but not overpowering. The cheese and chicken both had a good flavor and there was enough to get some in nearly every bite. I love that they used actual kalamata olives and they were quite flavorful.


I would totally get this again. It was only $2.79 and while you might need a snack sometime during the day, it was pretty filling and made a good light lunch. Plus it was only 210 calories with 9g of protein. You really can’t bet that for a pre-made lunch and it was as good if not better than something you would make yourself at the salad bar. There were a lot of flavors so you could try something different every day for at least a work week. I saw Chef,  Chicken Caesar, Santa Fe, Turkey Bacon Cobb, Kale Apple Veggie, Cranberry Walnut and Spinach Dijon.

Two thumbs up!


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