Aldi Ad Week 12/13/17 through 12/19/17



Aldi is getting fancy with leading up towards Christmas! It makes sense, it is a European-based company and Christmas is a huge food and drink holiday over there, even more so than it is here in the US. We have Thanksgiving which is basically all about food just a month before Christmas and Europeans tend to celebrate Christmas more secularly than many Americans which leaves plenty of time for fancy food!

I actually didn’t make it to Aldi for last week’s ad, I eeked out one last meal last night with the help of a rotisserie chicken from Costco and made latkes because it was the first night of Hanukkah but I really need to go today if I want to make dinner. I wish that Aldi ads started on Mondays, I find myself holding off shopping until Wednesdays so I can get the Aldi Finds but by then the week is half over.

Tons of meat and seafood sale items this week! Fresh, bone-in turkey breast (where was that at Thanksgiving??!) for $1.79/lb, spiral sliced hams from $2.99/lb for the fanciest version down to $1.89/lb, unsliced hams for $1.09/lb for the butt portion and 89¢/lb for the shank portion, $3.99/lb for a beef sirloin tip roast, $6.99 for a bone-in ribeye roast.


For frozen seafood, we have big lobster tails for $12.99 which is a pretty good deal espeically if you don’t have access to a good seafood market, Black Tiger shrimp for $11.99/lb, seared Ahi tuna for $6.99/6 oz (personally I would skip this because you can sear your own Ahi tuna from the frozen plain Ahi tuna they always have in the same amount of time it would take to heat this up and it is normally about $5 for 12 oz) and a pound of frozen King Crab legs for $16.99. A few fresh seafood items this week too: $6.49/lb for a side of Atlantic salmon, $8.99/lb for herb encrusted Atlantic salmon.

Produce buys: the $1.29 whole pineapple is back, $1.19/bag Brussels sprouts, $2.49/lb Majool dates (amazing deal, these are often $8 or more/lb at regular stores), $2.59/3 lb bag Mandarin “Cutie” oranges, cauliflower for 99¢/head (also a good deal because I just saw it for $3.89/head elsewhere).

Lots of present-y items again! For kids: a play kitchen for $26.99, old-timey toys (harmonica, yo-yo, and juggling balls) for $6.99, toy porcelain tea set for $4.99, Huffy children’s bikes for $44.99, kid’s watches for $4.99, $3.99 character stocking stuffer toys.

For adults, there is a gift bucket for $8.99 filled with treats, a big retro popcorn popper for $39.99 so you can pretend you work at a movie theater, toolkits, headphones or a fancier gift basket for $19.99, pajamas, socks and slippers from $2.99-12.99. There is also some holiday entertaining pieces ranging from $14.99 down to $4.99.

For your pets: dog sweaters for $3.99, memory foam beds for $34.99, and a cat bed/cave thing for $9.99.

Remember if something is an Aldi Find, they do not re-stock it! If you really want it, head to Aldi today! Check out the ad yourself here, and the weekly Aldi Finds here.

As for me, I’m aiming for the sirloin roast, maybe the turkey breast, cauliflower, dates, butter and the slate cheese board. And probably some more baking chips if I am being honest.





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