Aldi Ad Week 12/6/17 through 12/12/17


I feel like time is really flying by! This week’s ad takes us firmly into mid-December, right to Hanukkah and to just about two weeks until Christmas. Is the ad up to the challenge?

This week is a little odd for me because I still have a lot leftover from last week’s shop and this week I am oddly busy and might not be able to get there until early next week.

I’m most interested in candy this week to be honest. I want to pick up some dark chocolate gelt (aka chocolate coins for $1.99) and those cocoa covered truffles that were amazing last year for $2.89. I love that their cocoa/chocolate is UTZ certified and super affordable. I wish I had an excuse to buy that brioche tree ($6.99) but I will probably resist.

The ad has a ton of poop emoji items on sale, mostly for adults, oddly enough–everything from slippers to pajamas to toys ($12.99 and under). Bold choice, Aldi.

The Ambiano Buffet Server With Warming Tray is only $24.99 and looks like a great choice if you are into entertaining and not food poisoning your guests.

Seasonal baking supplies are still be stocked so once again, stock up now because many of these spices, extracts, and specialty products leave the stores by January.

Nothing too exciting meat-wise, still mostly a variety of hams and turkey for about $2/lb and under.

Read the whole ad over at the Aldi site. Check out just this week’s Aldi Finds here.

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  1. Why do people love the poop emoji so much? I really don’t get it. I also didn’t understand the love for Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo, back when people still cared about South Park.


    1. Also, I don’t know why WordPress didn’t let me use my real name, but this is Heather, obvs.


      1. Rachel Rappaport says:

        I know! You probably logged into WordPress at some point so now it keeps you signed in.


    2. Rachel Rappaport says:

      Me neither. It isn’t very cute. How many adults want poop slippers?


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