What’s in my Cart? Ad Week 11/30/2017-12/5/2017

Back to regular shopping! I didn’t have anything in mind for dinners this week and I wasn’t super excited about anything in the ad this week so I just winged it. I spent $77.35 on 35 items (average $3.09 per item). I also returned my cart bag. I didn’t have the packaging but I had the receipt and it was no problem.


  • I bought my usual baby cucumbers, pork loin, brioche, and hummus.
  • Bought two more(!) bags bittersweet chips ($1.79) and two bags of the butterscotch chips I reviewed (also $1.79).
  • Bought two kinds of refrigerated ravioli-chicken pesto and smoked mozzarella ($2.99/each). They’re a great lunch or dinner option (if you don’t want leftovers); I normally toss in some broccoli, peas and/or shrimp after the water boils a minute or so before adding the ravioli. UPDATE: Liked the smoked mozzarella one, the chicken was super bland.
  • I bought a bag of SnapDragon Apples for $2.99. My husband loves a crisp/firm apple so I am hoping these will be a hit. It’s “parent apple” is the Honeycrisp so it should be good. UPDATE: The apples are very good. Crisp and not too sweet.
  • Our store had a new product–carnitas seasoned pork shoulder for $2.49 so I thought I’d check it out. I already had guacamole and tortillas at home so I picked up a head of iceberg lettuce $1.49 for some crunch. I think I will probably make it in the slow cooker and then crisp it up in the broiler. UPDATE: Check out my review here.
  • Pumpkin was only 79¢/14 oz can. I don’t cook with it that often but we give it to our dogs when their stomachs are upset. It can be hard to find outside of the fall and it had an expiration date of 9/19 so I thought I’d get some to have on hand.
  • Bought ground beef, cabbage, and green onions. Planning to make ground beef gravy and colcannon for dinner. A throwback to my neglected working class and Irish roots.
  • A marinated turkey tenderloin was only $5.99. I haven’t tried it before but why not?  I’m trying to build up my freezer emergency stash and thought it might be a good edition: something that takes minimal effort and quickly defrosts. UPDATE: It was very tasty and surprisingly juicy. Bought it again.
  • Happy to be back to my normal Aldi location. I miss that refrigerated produce section! The spinach was oddly wilt-y but the fresh herbs looked awesome. I bought a poultry mix ($1.99) and flatleaf parsley ($1.79).  No immediate plans for either but they are pretty versatile. UPDATE: Nearly two weeks later and these herbs still look great. Using them in risotto tonight.
  • Turkey stock ($1.49) is still available so I bought a couple to have on hand.
  • Bought a car charger for my phone ($4.99). My very expensive charger that charges 3 phones at once has gone missing. I am hoping it will turn up but in the meantime, I need something.
  • Goldfish crackers were 10¢ cheaper than usual.
  • Ran into a woman buying the $99 Roomba knockoff. She’s excited about trying it. I’m sort of hoping she will be shopping at the store next week so I can ask her about it.

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